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Pink Sweets

Pink Sweets

Looking for the best in quality pink sweets? We can certainly help with our extensive and delicious range of the pinkest hues in the most varied confectionery!

Pink chocolate hearts are a super choice, one of our darker pink sweet choices and with a super strawberry flavour and colourful sprinkles they are definitely not just for Valentines Day!

Pink sweets cone bags
Beautiful handmade cone bags filled with pink sweets, perfect for party bags

Our fresh and tasty party cone bags filled with just pink sweet – oh and a retro candy necklace just because too – are made to order, super fresh and can be personalised with your message too, free of charge! So to celebrate your special event or party, and if pink is your thing, you will need these party bags for sure!

Vegan Mermaid jelly sweets
Jelly Mermaid shaped sweets that also tick the vegan sweet box 🙂

Well yes… we know they’re not entirely pink but our vegan mermaid sweets just had to be included as they are so ace! Jelly sweets that are fun and unusual and suitable for vegetarians and vegans too – pick and mix essentials!

Pink Sweets Strawberry bonbons
Traditional Strawberry Bonbons sweets

Our most popular of pink sweets without a doubt – meet our delicious traditional Strawberry bonbons – a. fab powdery coating and lasting strawberry flavour surrounds a real toffee centre – just as you remember. A total must for anyone looking for that trip down memory lane!

Strawberry milkshake bottles
Milk bottle shaped sweets with a milkshake flavour

Remember these? Strawberry milkshake sweets are a pink and white delight – we love how they transition from pink to white in colour and still taste the same as you remember!

Strawberry and Cream Bonbon sweets
Chewy bonbons flavoured with strawberry and cream

Quality strawberry and Cream bonbons nee d mention here too – a firmer texture than our strawberry bonbons and with a chewy texture, these pink sweets are a modern bonbon dream. Creamy and fruity, they’re a little taste of summer.

Pink marshmallow paintball sweets
Pretty in pink marshmallow

And of course, a mention of all things pink wouldn’t be complete without our pink paintballs – conical marshmallow sweets coated with a sugar surround for a little crush and the absolutely ideal sweet for party bags, cake toppings or just enjoying on their own. Yum!

Of course, we have so many more pink sweets – too many to really mention but you can find them here.

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