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Sour Sweets

Sour Sweets

Love Sour Sweets? Are you a fan of that extraordinary zingy feeling on your tongue that only a good sour sweet can give you? Well read on…

Vegan Big Sour Skull Sweets
Made by Bubs, vegan sour fruity skulls

Now fizzy sweets can differ massively in their sour properties as we all know. Some fizzy sweets are still sweet and fruity whilst others make your face pucker. We’re going to look at the latter here, and we have a great range of properly sour sweets at Daffy.

Fruity Sour skulls are not only deliciously fruity and sour but also suitable for vegans and available in a great skull shape which makes them not only distinctive but absolutely THE sour sweet of choice when it comes to your pick and mix sweets.

Fizzy Dracula teeth sweets
Awesome vegan fizzy sweets in the shape of Dracula teeth – definitely not just for Halloween sweets!

We are massive fans of fizzy sour Dracula teeth… a firm and chewy texture with a tongue tingling sour coating that really adds to the dental experience 🙂 Available in a jelly version too of course, but we’re after the sours here so we’ll ignore those for now.

Tongue painting fizzy dummies
sour and fizzy dummy shaped sweets

Add a tonguepainter into your fizzy and sour pick and mix? Tonguepainting sour dummies are just the ticket to end your search for the perfect and most delicious sour sweets… A variety of colours to bring interesting hues to your tongue these sour fizzy dummies are bound to bring a smile.

Sour Sweets
sour sweets rainbow twists sweets

Sour Rainbow twists are not only one of our must beautiful sour sweets but also one of the tastiest! We love their firm texture, stunning regular colours and fizzy sour coating.

Sour Apple Sweets
Fizzy and sour apple sweets suitable for vegans

And last but not least for now, one of my personal favourites… Sour Apples are amazing! You just must try these sour and fizzy beauties. Delicious apple flavour and just the right sour hit – perfect!

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