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Fizzy and sour sweets

Fizzy sweets confectionery category Daffy Down Dilly

One of our favourite sweet shop blog subjects… delicious fizzy and sour sweets!

Fizzy and sour sweets are the most popular sweets in our sweet shop and online sweet shop. And it’s easy to see why!

We all love a little bit of zing and the tongue-tingling sensation that comes from truly delicious fizzy and sour sweets.

Fizzy and sour sweets vary in sourness quite a lot and we’re always happy to advise to make sure our customers get exactly the right level of fizzy tangy for them.

Our most popular fizzy sweets is without question rainbow bites. Beautiful colourful strips of fizzy yumminess that are not too sour but have a little fruity kick. Delicious and perfect for decorating cakes as well as enjoying as a sweet in their own right.

If you’re looking to buy sweets online we can certainly help and our selection of fizzy sweets is a great place to start.

Fizzy and sour sweets 1

One of our most popular products in store are our candy cakes which we make to order according to our customers specifications.

Often they contain only fizzy sweets or jelly and gummy sweets. Our sweet cakes are made to order and contain only the very best in quality sweets and confectionery.

We are experts in designing the very best looking sweet cakes available and have a lot of amazing feedback about our candy cakes being the star of a birthday party! Especially popular with people who don’t like a traditional birthday cake, sweet cakes with fizzy sweets are a real winning sweet choice.

With our comprehensive website offering so much choice, being able to buy sweets online has never been easier or more enjoyable! From fizzy cola bottles, fizzy cherry cola bottles, fizzy dummies and Fizzy Strawberry Pencils. To the more unusual blue raspberry rockets and the best fizzy mix we have ever tasted, DaffyDownDilly has it all.

Fizzy Watermelon Slices are a super popular fizzy sweet with a green and red colouring

And not just Fizzy and Sour sweets either. We have a wonderful range of traditional sweets, retro sweets, boiled and crunchy sweets. American sweets and candy, personalised sweet jars, party bags, jelly and gummy sweets. It’s quite a choice and all our quality sweets are available to buy online.

So no matter what level of sourness you like in your fizzy sweets, we are sure we have just the sweet treat for you! From the more gentle rainbow bites and fizzy strawberry pencils. To the moderately sour watermelon slices and spanish peaches to the sour and fizzy fizzy mix and sour worms – yum!

Buying sweets online has never been easier!

Updated to add, new for 2021 our Fizzy Blue Babies and Rainbow Bricks… gloriously beautiful and full of fruit flavours.

rainbow brick fizzy sweets
Rainbow coloured fizzy sweets in a brick shape
Fizzy blue babies sweets
Delicious Blue fizzy sweets in the shape of babies 🙂
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